Senior Countdown


Following this timeline will ensure you arrive for your shoot ready to create a memento you’ll love looking back on long after you graduate.

As soon as possible

Schedule an appointment. Pick a day when you’ll have plenty of time. We’ll shoot pictures for about two hours, but factor in how long it will take you to get ready beforehand, and if the lighting is just right or we’re inspired to try another location, that we may go later than planned. Also when choosing a date consider what’s on your calendar the night before, If it’s an activity that will keep you up late, like the Homecoming dance, chances are you’ll arrive at the shoot dragging and with puffy eyes; what you want is to be well rested and energetic.

Coordinate hair/makeup appointments. If you plan to have your hair or makeup professionally done for the shoot (not necessary, but some seniors like the extra glam) then set up these appointments now, too, as they often book up. 

One week before

Confirm the shoot location. I have favorite backdrops near my studio in charming downtown Mantua but also love to know about spots that are special to you. When you flip through your senior photos in 25 years, they should pull at your heartstrings. So if you scored your first of many touchdowns at the high school stadium or spent every day as a little kid riding your bike at the park near your house those places could be ideal for your senior pictures. Call me to discuss the possibilities.

Finalize your clothes. Whether you’ve bought new or are going with well-worn favorites, double check that you love how they look on you. Let your senior pictures express your individual style and flair. There are no “right” colors or styles; the only “wrong” outfits are those you pick only because they looked cute in your friend’s senior pictures or others insist you should. The most important thing is to choose clothes that you’re comfortable in and that you feel complement you.

Plan out shoes for each outfit. I’ll take some full-length shots, so you’ll want athletic sneakers for the jersey and jeans pictures and dressier shoes for when you change into more formal wear. We can also experiment with mixing and matching clothes and shoes in some photos.

Consider props. My promise to you: No corny poses. But I love when seniors personalize their photos with items that are special to them. Anything from a basketball to a beloved book to a ukulele transforms an everyday photo into one full of meaning and fun.

The night before

Prepare your outfits. The last thing you want is for rumpled clothes to distract from your gorgeous smile so iron your outfits and hang them neatly on hangars. Once you arrive at my studio, you can change into them in the dressing room.

Pack model must-haves.  You’ll need a hairbrush and hair spray to keep your locks in place no matter the weather, face powder to eliminate shininess on your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and lip balm/gloss to keep your lips moist.

Get plenty of sleep. The earlier you can get to bed, the fresher you’ll be in front of the camera the next day. 

The day of

Fix yourself up. Whether you’ve opted to seek professional help or do it yourself, fix your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel comfortable. I recommend girls wear at least some light lip and eye makeup to avoid a washed-out look, add contrast, make their features pop and enhance their natural features. 

Relax. I completely understand that not everyone loves being in front of a camera, but I’m known for making seniors feel comfortable in the spotlight. What I hear more often than not–even from the boys–is, “That was actually fun!” Relax, and I promise we’ll have fun.