It was high school. One photography course, and I was hooked. My dad gave me his old Canon camera (film back then… can you imagine?), and there I was: in barns, on dirt roads, and focusing on my friends’ faces. A roll of Tri-X 400, and I was off.

I went on to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I sharpened my skill, spending all my free hours working at a camera store and assisting professional photographers. From there I was able to get my foot in the door at Three Rivers Stadium, and when big shows came into town I was in the front row photographing the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and U2. It was a super cool experience, and I loved it. I also freelanced with the Pittsburgh Pirates through the good ol’ championship seasons of the early 90s with Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, and John Smiley. Very exciting times. My other work shooting portraits for local magazines and businesses may not have been as flashy but was important for developing my style.

Fast forward to today. Now, with my wonderful husband and three amazing sons, photography has taken on new meaning for me. I cherish every picture that I take of them because tomorrow comes way too fast. I want to STOP our special moments, keeping our memories alive so we can rewind and revisit those moments with our photographs.

So it’s with this mind of a photographer and heart of a mother that I bring you Noah Blue, a studio specializing in senior pictures, family portraits and professional headshots. During our time together, you’ll see both sides of me: the artist who’s a bit obsessed with harnessing the precise lighting (I’m literally giddy on “crispy days”) to best showcase you in print, and the mom who wants to make you feel comfortable and happy, like you’re at home. With my professional background and light-hearted, relaxed vibe, I strive to create what I consider the ultimate gift for you: cherished photographs that will allow you to STOP time, rewind and revisit these amazing moments in your life.